"Velvet Cap is a small batch blend of malt & grain whiskies sourced from some of Ireland’s finest distilleries. After blending, they rest the whiskey in a selection of bourbon, port & stouted rye casks to let the flavours marry.


This whiskey takes its name from the velvet caps traditionally worn in point-to-point horse racing. This popular sport dates from 1752 when riders raced over fence and ditch between two points: St John’s Church Buttevant to St Mary’s Church Doneraile in Co Cork–from one steeple to another, hence the term steeplechase."

Blackwater Distillery


NOSE: Candied banana and hint of honey and dark stonefruit. A quiet note of almond biscuit. Cacao ties everything together neatly.

PALATE:  Lingering legs on the glass. Layered but youthful. A firm foundation of malt sets the stage with well-balanced vanilla, plum, and caramalized agave playing support. Chocolate bonbons with a rich sherry centre delivers on the promise of a stouted finish.

FINISH: Fruity esters from the tropics brightly cross the palate, leading the way for a pleasantly lingering blend of sunrise cereal and a rich, after-dinner treat.


FOOD PAIRING:  Dark chocolate truffles, Salty Cheddar cheese pairs well with the vanilla notes in the Velvet Cap.


Type of spirit: Irish Whiskey

ABV: 40%,

Purchase option: Private importation

Producer: Blackwater distillery

Color: Amber

Format: 700 ml

Type of cap: Cork

Type of container: Clear glass

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