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Torabhaig Distillery is part of the Marussia Beverages family.

The Distillery at Torabhaig is the second ever licenced on the Isle of Skye with 200 years apart from the first one and Neil MacLeod Mathieson is the mind behind their spirit!

Some time ago, the old farmstead at Torabhaig was identified as the perfect location for a small, traditional distillery. All the factors needed to make good, robust island whisky were in place, right down to the Allt Breacach and the Allt Gleann, the burns that feed them with the purest island spring water.

Their 19th century building has now been fully restored to hold the gorgeous copper stills and traditional wooden washbacks that should allow them to produce whisky for the next two hundred years!

For more information, visit their website.

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