"Retronaut was the first release of whiskey from the Blackwater Distillery.


The missing 'e' may surprise a lot of people but Irish whisky was once commonly spelled as such but was eventually phased out in the 1960s.


This limited edition 17 year old single malt is limited to just 1160 bottles."

Blackwater Distillery


NOSE: This has a surprisingly piney start, adding a freshness to the delicate berry fruits, whitecurrant, sweet pear and russet apple. A herbal element grows (especially with water), adding touches of angelica and juniper. Rather lovely.


PALATE: The botanical elements aren’t immediately apparent on the palate. Instead, there’s juicy cereal from the word go, with lemon oil, sweet elderflower that leads into a silky mid-palate that’s given a balancing, nougat-like crunch. Soft orchard fruits dominate the back palate – though this is relative. Nothing shouts here. Water lightens matters and, while you don’t lose the overall sensation of freshness, over-enthusiastic addition does ruin the impact. All in all, very attractive.


FINISH:  Fresh fruit salad with a sprinkling of sumac.


FOOD PAIRING: Steak always pairs well with Retronaut.


Type of spirit: Irish Whiskey

ABV: 46%

Purchase option: Private importation

Producer: Blackwater distillery

Color: Golden

Format: 700 ml

Type of cap: Cork

Type of container: Clear glass

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