As Master Distiller at Powerscourt, Noël Sweeney played a key role in the specification and design of the new facility. He leads the distillation team and is responsible for all spirit production, quality assurance, maturation, and product specification.

Powerscourt Distillery is built on one of Ireland's most visited estates (Fine House & Garden Estates). Located near the popular village of Enniskerry, it is only a 30-minute drive from central Dublin.

Formerly the center of all agricultural activities on the estate, the old mill house has been faithfully restored and expanded to accommodate the development of the distillery. The Powerscourt distillery was custom designed and commissioned by the renowned Scottish company Forsyths. Producing both malt whisky and pot still whisky, they age them in their on-site maturation facility, which has a capacity of nearly 5000 barrels.

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(private importation, 2021)