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Located in the village of Thuisbrunn in Northern Bavaria, Germany, Elch Whisky distillery is home to a single malt whisky created from the very best ingredients under the supervision of multiple award-winner Georg Kugler. Owner of brewery and pub Gasthof Seitz, Georg decided to pursue his passion for whisky by opening in 2014 his very own distillery under the same roof. His whiskies are best known for their smoky flavours that unfold thanks to the malt extract.

His unique type of whisky is distilled from local peat-smoked malt. In our brewery, malt is processed into wort, then fermented for seven days and gently distilled. The resulting distillate is poured into bourbon, sherry and acacia barrels and aged for at least three years.

For more, visit their website.

(private importation, 2021)
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