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In 1810 the Eden Estuary was offering its crystal clear waters to the legendary Haig brothers, helping them distil and lay down some of St Andrews' finest whiskies. Before them, this same site hosted the Seggie Brewery, known for their strong connections with local farmers and agricultural workers.


In 2012 The Eden Mill story started with a mission to revive the lost art of distilling and brewing in St Andrews. As Scotland's first single-site distillery and brewery, making gin, whisky and beer, Eden Mill spirit is created by their distillers in copper pot-stills and exhibits a wide range of flavours from botanicals sourced from the local area, as well as from around the world. Their team is challenged with applying modern techniques and understanding to time honoured traditional methods. In 2018, Eden Mill released the first Single Malt whisky to be distilled in St Andrews in over 150 years!

Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do and they are aiming to build Scotland’s first carbon neutral distillery by 2021, 29 years ahead of the UK’s carbon neutral target. Their state of the art distillery will be located within the University of St. Andrews’ Eden Campus; power and heat for the stills will be supplied by the University’s biomass plant and solar panels on the distillery’s roof. Building their new distillery aligns with their want to decrease their carbon footprint as much as possible. They are also striving to create new, innovative and unique ways to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging.


With the history of distilling on their side, the heritage and reputation of St Andrews and the industry experience of their founder Eden Mill is on a mission to create the ultimate small batch Single malt whisky ranges for discerning drinkers to enjoy.

For more, visit their website.

(private importation, 2021)
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